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Find Flights to South Korea with Thai Airways

Compare Lowest Airfares to South Korea*

  1. BKK-ICN

    Bangkok (BKK) to Seoul (ICN)



    THB 15,630

    ​Round trip | Economy

  2. TPE-ICN

    Taipei (TPE) to Seoul (ICN)



    TWD 8,400

    ​Round trip | Economy

  3. SIN-ICN

    Singapore (SIN) to Seoul (ICN)



    SGD 992

    ​Round trip | Economy

  4. KUL-ICN

    Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Seoul (ICN)



    MYR 2,167

    ​Round trip | Economy

  5. BKK-PUS

    Bangkok (BKK) to Busan (PUS)



    THB 16,060

    ​Round trip | Economy

  6. SIN-PUS

    Singapore (SIN) to Busan (PUS)



    SGD 1,131

    ​Round trip | Economy

*Best fares on flights found by others in the last 48 hours.

Book Airline Tickets to South Korea and Save*

  1. Bangkok (BKK) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    BKK - ICN


    ICN - BKK


    THB 15,630
  2. Taipei (TPE) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    TPE - ICN


    ICN - TPE


    TWD 6,435
  3. Singapore (SIN) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    SIN - ICN


    ICN - SIN


    SGD 540
  4. Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    KUL - ICN


    ICN - KUL


    MYR 1,365
  5. Bangkok (BKK) to Busan (PUS)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    BKK - PUS


    PUS - BKK


    THB 18,440
  6. Singapore (SIN) to Busan (PUS)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    SIN - PUS


    PUS - SIN


    SGD 534
  7. Lahore (LHE) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    LHE - ICN


    ICN - LHE


    PKR 126,626
  8. Chennai (MAA) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    MAA - ICN


    ICN - MAA


    INR 66,235
  9. Perth (PER) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    PER - ICN


    ICN - PER


    AUD 785
  10. Islamabad (ISB) to Seoul (ICN)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    ISB - ICN


    ICN - ISB


    PKR 127,126

*Best fares on flights found by others in the last 48 hours.

Find Flights to South Korea with Thai Airways

Traveling to South Korea


Beyond K-pop, kalbi and kimchi, most visitors know shockingly little about this exciting Asian powerhouse. Its cities, of which Seoul is just one, are high-tech, whirring metropolises straight out of sci-fi daydreams. Luckily, the country’s surprisingly beautiful countryside – think lush mountains scattered with hidden-away Buddhist temples, tropical beaches and 3,000-plus islands – acts as a tranquil counterbalance.

Getting around

Getting around Korea without a car of your own is relatively painless. Internal flights, trains and coaches link major cities and buses take travellers to out-of-the-way rural destinations. Local city networks carry around the commuting masses efficiently, while ferries service the country’s many islands.

See & do

Most travellers start their Korean explorations in Seoul, and many never make it outside the city limits. In their defence, there is an awful lot to see and do here, whether witnessing tea ceremonies (dado) at Bongeunsa temple, defying vertigo at the N Seoul tower’s dizzyingly high viewing platform or jostling with fellow bargain hunters at the Namdaemun Market.

Those curious about South Korea’s closed-off neighbour can get a glimpse of the north during tours of the DMZ. If the din of the city gets a little much, escape to the Bukhansan National Park where Korea’s hardcore hikers track along granite slopes.

At the opposite end of the country lies the port city of Busan. Despite being Korea’s second city, effervescence and indefatigable Busan refuses to simply flail in the shadow of the capital, instead forging its own distinctive identity. Its ties to the sea are evident, with a port piled high with colourful shipping containers, the popular Haeundae Beach and the epic Jagalchi Fish Market. The nightlife scene here is notorious, with the youthful residents displaying an enviable lust for life. When locals need to escape the urban madness, they dart off to Jirisan National Park, the largest in the country.

Hidden gems

Everything good has a price and in the case of Seokbulsa temple near Busan, the fee will be paid in sweat during the steep, challenging hike to the entrance. It will be all be worth it though once you catch sight of the massive Buddha figures carved into the mountain rock. For jaw-droppingly gorgeous aesthetics and stellar hiking opportunities, it’s near impossible to top Ulleungdo, a volcanic island with seaside cliffs and virgin forest foliage. Only the most intrepid tourists ever make it to see the preserved dinosaur tracks on the tiny island of Sado, a mere speck in the map south of Yeosu.

Food & drink

Food is without a doubt one of South Korea’s strong suits. Kimchi, a traditional fermented vegetable dish, comes with almost every meal, while rice and/or noodles are pretty much a given. Other tempting options include bulgogi (thinly sliced and marinated beef cooked on a table-top hot plate), bibimbap (rice, vegetable and meat bowl topped with an egg) and tteokbokki (chewy rice cake served with a fiery red pepper sauce). Punchy flavours are the norm and spice levels are significantly higher than some diners are accustomed to in the West so keep a cool drink handy.

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