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Thai Airways Flights to Tokyo (HND)

Popular Offers for Tickets to Tokyo*

  1. BKK-NRT

    From Bangkok (BKK) to Tokyo (NRT)



    THB 15,595

    ​Round trip | Economy

  2. BKK-HND

    From Bangkok (BKK) to Tokyo (HND)



    THB 15,610

    ​Round trip | Economy

  3. BKK-TYO

    From Bangkok (BKK) to Tokyo (TYO)



    THB 16,565

    ​Round trip | Economy

  4. SIN-TYO

    From Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo (TYO)



    SGD 567

    ​Round trip | Economy

  5. SIN-NRT

    From Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo (NRT)



    SGD 567

    ​Round trip | Economy

  6. SIN-HND

    From Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo (HND)



    SGD 568

    ​Round trip | Economy

*Best fares on flights found by others in the last 48 hours.

Compare Airfare Deals to Tokyo*

  1. From Bangkok (BKK) to Tokyo (NRT)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    BKK - NRT


    NRT - BKK


    THB 26,120
  2. From Bangkok (BKK) to Tokyo (HND)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    BKK - HND


    HND - BKK


    THB 26,135
  3. From Bangkok (BKK) to Tokyo (TYO)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    BKK - TYO


    TYO - BKK


    THB 26,120
  4. From Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo (TYO)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    SIN - TYO


    TYO - SIN


    SGD 737
  5. From Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo (NRT)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    SIN - NRT


    NRT - SIN


    SGD 1,064
  6. From Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo (HND)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    SIN - HND


    HND - SIN


    SGD 1,785
  7. From Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Tokyo (TYO)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    KUL - TYO


    TYO - KUL


    MYR 1,786
  8. From Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Tokyo (NRT)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    KUL - NRT


    NRT - KUL


    MYR 1,786
  9. From Penang (PEN) to Tokyo (NRT)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    PEN - NRT


    NRT - PEN


    MYR 1,786
  10. From Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo (TYO)

    ​Round trip | Economy
    CGK - TYO


    TYO - CGK


    IDR 7,477,600

*Best fares on flights found by others in the last 48 hours.

Thai Airways Flights to Tokyo (HND)

Traveling to Tokyo


Tokyo is a city that demands exploring. Its winding backstreets, with their bars and public baths, offer the intrepid traveller the chance to see another side to this fascinating destination. But its brash, neon boulevards are stunning too, the perfect place to look up in wonder in a city that never stops.

Getting around

With a population of over 13 million, getting around Tokyo might seem daunting. But the city has one of the world’s most reliable subway systems, its tentacles stretching well out into the suburbs. Private train lines and bus services are easy to use, with ticket machines and signage available in many languages.

See & do

Tokyo’s sheer scale means it’s impossible to run out of things to do. But there are some key sights that are essential for anyone heading to Japan’s capital for the first time.

In a city full of skyscrapers, the Tokyo SkyTree stands apart. It’s the second tallest structure in the world (after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa) at 830m and offers spectacular views, not only of the metropolitan area, but even Mount Fuji on a clear day.

Early risers should be sure to head to Tsukiji Fish Market for the tuna auction, which takes place between 5am and 6am. If that’s too early, you can still head down and explore the stalls and eat in the sushi and tempura restaurants that dot the perimeter. Tsukiji is moving to a new location in November 2016.

The peerless National Museum is also a must, with a vast array of ancient art and artefacts that give a stunning overview of Japanese history. Afterwards, be sure to stroll around Ueno Park, which is especially beautiful during the annual cherry blossom season in March/April and when the leaves begin to turn red in October. Film buffs should check out the ace Studio Ghibli Museum in the Kichijoji neighbourhood.

Hidden gems

Tokyo serves up off–the–beaten-track treats aplenty. Curious travellers need only turn down one of Roppongi’s narrow alleyways or explore Shinjuku’s tower blocks to find restaurants, bars and cultural hotspots that are easily missed.

Kichijoji is home to the wonderful Inokashira Park, as well as streets packed with amazing vintage stores selling unique Japanese clothes. Shibuya’s world-famous crossing might be an obvious spot to visit, but the backstreets around its train station are home to some excellent bakeries, Izakayas (Japanese-style pubs) and cat cafés, where you can pay to pet Tokyo’s cutest felines.

Food & drink

Tokyo is undoubtedly Japan’s most diverse city when it comes to eating. But the traditional local dishes are what really make it tick. Try bar snacks in an Izakaya first. The excellent Masuya Ueno is the pick of the bunch. Tsukiji’s tempura stands are often quiet and more affordable than the market’s sushi spots. And no trip to Tokyo is complete without eating Monjayaki. Try this Japanese pan-fried batter type dish at Monjya Street, about 70 Monjyayaki restaurants are in competition in Tsukishima. Speaking of Street, Tokyo Ramen Street is at the Yaesu underground exit of Tokyo Station. 8 popular raman shop includes “Rokurinsya” are all in one place. Noodle fiends should make a beeline for this much–loved joint.

Weather in Tokyo

jueves cielo claro
32°C 11/01/2042
viernes algo de nubes
31°C 12/01/2042
sabado lluvia de intensidad
25°C 13/01/2042
domingo lluvia ligera
23°C 14/01/2042
lunes lluvia ligera
25°C 15/01/2042
martes lluvia ligera
28°C 16/01/2042
miercoles lluvia ligera
30°C 17/01/2042
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